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Product Introduction

Wholesale Designer Handbags are trustworthy online enterprise that provides a wholesale designer directory of authentic designer handbag wholesale dealers. With merchandise from some of the best brands such as Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Dior, Fendi, etc, these dealers have been certified, and are 100% scam-free.

Product Details

The service provides an access to wholesalers of some of the most sought out names in the industry as mentioned before. Wholesale handbags are tough to get hold of, and one cannot be sure whether wholesalers are legitimate or not. Most buyers have complained about fraudulent practices leading to the sale of illegal merchandise, or that which is unauthentic. Moreover, there is no dearth of online spam sites that provide illegitimate wholesale lists of distributers. In such a scenario where in customers lack faith in online ventures, Wholesale Designer Handbag comes to the rescue.

The service provides a listing of over 100 distributers specializing in wholesale purses, clutches, and authentic designer bags, with discount of course.

Customers can conveniently make their respective payments. They can click on http://www.wholesaledesignerhandbags.com, and search for the right link to buy the product. They will be directed to a payment processor page and where payment options can be chosen accordingly – either a MasterCard or PayPal.

Before this, one has to register for a lifetime membership. After getting the username and password, one can sign to and access the directory. Users are entitled to free updates, a guide for interacting with online purse wholesale suppliers and each distributer’s contact details for reassurance.

Wholesale suppliers are located worldwide with United States and Europe being the designer hubs. Location does not matter as the whole transaction is internet based.


  • Wholesale Designer Handbags stress on legitimacy and authentication. All information regarding merchandise and wholesale retailer is genuine and no fluff.
  • Members are entitled to 50-80% discount on brand merchandise, and can make use of other offers as well
  • Designer handbags and purses are supplied with cards, tags and covers to prove that they are authorized
  • There is a 60 day money back guarantee if members doubt the authenticity of handbags.
  • Shipping is worldwide, and location is no problem.
  • There are several updates that a member can makes use of
  • Users and buyers are not burdened and confused with too much information
  • Users can make use of ratings to compare the prices of various suppliers
  • When it comes to variety, users can browse through numerous suppliers and brands.


The site takes a while to refresh latest updates, and some of the offers may be limited


All in Wholesale Designer Handbags are completely reliable and has received overall positive responses and reviews from its members. It has also received a 4.4 rating.


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