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Get a Vehicle Check Report with VinAudit

Product Introduction

David Wu is the founder of VinAudit offers you the history reports of used vehicles in very short time. It provides you complete information of used vehicle such as specification, brand of vehicle, latest odometer reading and salvage history.

Product Details

The person who wants to buy a used car, wants to know each and every detail of the car. He has the right to check vehicle history, before purchasing a used car. VinAudit provides you the vehicle check report.

To get a Vehicle History Report from VinAudit, you need to provide the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of your vehicle to them. You can find the VIN on vehicle registration, title-document or insurance policy. Also, you can find this in the car, i.e. on driver’s side door and the driver’s side dashboard.

VinAudit searches all available records associated to your VIN across the NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System). VinAudit has a partnership with NMVTIS. NMVTIS is a database of vehicle records. To protect buyers from purchasing unsafe vehicles, the NMVTIS was created. Insurance companies, states and salvage or junk yards provide vehicle records to NMVTIS. is certified by NMVTIS and it allows VinAudit to provide access to this data. So that you will get up to date data of your vehicle.

VinAudit generates Vehicle History Report for vehicles which are built after 1981. VinAudit supports the vehicles such as buses, motorcycles, trucks, tractors, automobiles and motor homes. Vehicles built before 1981 did not have standardized VIN, so different formats are used by different manufacturers. In 1981, format was standardized, which makes it easy to maintain vehicle data for vehicles after 1981.

This site is useful for the people who want to get a Vehicle History Report before purchasing a used vehicle. VinAudit delivers your report in a short time over internet. You can download this report in the PDF format, or you can take a print out for your records.

The Vin Audit report contains all records associated to the VIN. It includes following things:

  • Vehicle specification information.
  • Title registration and Title records
  • Checking Title brand.
  • Accident details of vehicle.
  • Insurance records of vehicle.
  • Salvage or junk records.
  • Odometer record details.
  • Contact information related to insurance, junk and salvage entities.

Most of the people do the VIN check to get vehicle’s history, find out title problems and  to know the vehicles’ value.

Besides Vehicle History Report, provides you the publicly documented API, using which you can access raw vehicle history details. With the help of this, automotive companies can integrate history details into applications.

You will definitely get amazing benefits from VinAudit. If you are not satisfied with the VinAudit, you can get your money back.

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  • VinAudit provides complete information about the vehicle.
  • Used car sellers and buyers can access the data online.
  • It is easy to understand and takes less time to use it.
  • It saves your money and effort.
  • It is simple and user friendly.
  • It has 24*7 support.
  • It is portable and can be operated on any windows PC.
  • It has 100% money back guarantee.


If you want to reduce the risk while buying a used car, then it is necessary to do a VIN check of that vehicle. VinAudit provides you complete information about the vehicle through a VIN check, which is useful for you to make a decision while purchasing a used vehicle. Buying this product is risk free, as it has 100% money back guarantee. This product is reliable to use. Still you can weigh pros and cons and then decide if it is worth buying.


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