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Profitable Trading with TradeMiner

Product Introduction

What about knowing the right stock well in advance? Would you be interested in knowing about a great secret for winning trading? Trading in stocks and shares requires regular tracking and study of share market. It requires a complete involvement from the trader’s side. Sometimes it tends to become very hectic, disheartening and boring for the trader to remain involved in trading thoroughly. Hence, a new solution has come up which provides quick and easy information for trading in the right stock. The name of this solution is TradeMiner.

TradeMiner is a software package that can be utilized for Futures, Stocks as well as for FOREX. This web based program ideally filters and goes through the historical and past data on shares and stocks. It studies the trend and cyclical movement and then comes up with future estimations. These estimations assure the trader of the profitability from the stocks. TradeMiner saves the time and effort of the trader. It auto scans and analyses the performance of the stocks in previous years. The performance data helps the user in knowing the repeating profitable periods of trading.

Product Details

As the name sounds “TradeMiner”, this program or tool ideally mines the data for predicting the right and profitable stock for trading. It not only works for stocks but it also gives out estimations for Future as well as FOREX market. TradeMiner has been developed by Gecko Software who has been a key contributor from last 19 years. The software works for different mining options by following the below mentioned critera:

  1. Based upon month or symbol
  2. View trades that are profitable upto 100%
  3. Display short as well as long term opportunities of stock
  4. Options for selecting trades lasting for above and below X number of days
  5. Dig out the data for past X years

Post selection of criteria, the user is eligible for clicking the “Dig Now” option. TradeMiner scans the historical data efficiently and quickly and provides its analysis. The end processor displays a list of stocks that are picked after a detailed analysis. This list provides statistical data which helps the trader to invest in right stock. TradeMiner is a Java Based application which operates smoothly on Linux, MAC or PC.

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  1. TradeMiner is a handy and easy research tool which analyzes the past data and cyclical trends of the stocks.
  2. It offers three in one benefit for trading in stocks, FOREX and Futures. Hence, it saves the unnecessary cost and time of the trader from wasting.
  3. Easy and quick: TradeMiner is a user friendly program. The options are simplified to great extent. It quickly scans the data and comes up with right estimations.
  4. Support: The customer support of TradeMiner is a reliable and accessible. It provides 24 X 7 technical support by providing the answers of FAQ and other queries raised by trader.
  5. Money Back policy: There might be a possibility where the trader is not in favor of continuing with TradeMiner. The trader might find it to be of no use. Hence, the trader can claim for a 100% refund from the company.


Many people might find the tool to be an ideal solution for providing the right trading stock. However, TradeMiner should not be misunderstood with a trading tool. It is a research tool that provides statistical data about the performance of stocks, FOREX and futures. But on an overall basis, there is no scope of disadvantage from trader’s point of view.


Instead of wasting time, money and effort on manual analysis, it is advisable to choose TradeMiner for getting ready analysis for trading. It is a great tool which is quite powerful and reliable.


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