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Feeling Younger Day by Day: Timeless You

Product Introduction

As we grow older by age, we tend to leave behind our vigor, glow, joy, youthfulness, energy, etc… We get ourselves cluttered in the vicious cycle of life to such an extent that we stop living life to the fullest. Responsibilities, stress, commitments, etc… is part and parcel of life. But it is essential for us to understand the importance of living life. In order to enjoy each and every phase of life, it is very essential to first bring the youthful energy within ourselves. The situation of our mind and soul depend greatly upon our attitude towards our age. Age can be considered in three different ways, i.e. chronological age, psychological age and lastly biological age. It is upto us how we see ourselves. Despite of being old, we can still live a youthful and young life.

“Timeless you” is a life changing guide that directs a person towards living life to the fullest. Timeless you have been developed by Deepak Chopra. Deepak Chopra is a world renowned author, public speaker and a physician by profession. This guide by Deepak Chopra helps people in understanding the meaning of living life with utmost fun, vigor and youth. The program guides and educates people about eliminating stress from their lives, soothe their mind and bring liveliness to life. Deepak Chopra has designed this program suiting the condition of people from different ages. With this program, Deepak Chopra welcomes people to experience the life of living young.

Product Details

Timeless you make people learn about their importance of feeling young and responsible at the same time. The guide is designed in a way that it enlightens and rejuvenates the chakras within our body. The guide not only makes the person young from within but also rejuvenates the external body glow as well. By re-igniting the chakras, the energy levels of the body initiate to charge up. The program has been designed in a six courseware structure. The following are the courses:

  1. Changing Perceptions: This section of program deals about changing and altering our perceptions towards the way we see our aging. It is the initial step to welcome vibrancy and liveliness in our lives.
  2. A Youthful Mind: Our body is majorly governed by our mind. Our mind develops a unique connect with the universe. It is essential to make our mind youthful in order to create an influence on oneself.
  3. Healthy Relationships: Our relationships impact greatly on our way we live our life. With compassion, love and empathy in relationship, the bond of life strengthens.
  4. The Mind Body Connection: This section focuses upon yoga, conscious breathing and pranayama to eliminate stress and toxins from mind and body.
  5. Mindful Eating: This section educates about healthy eating. It is good to consume fruits, proteins, grains, etc… for healthy body.
  6. Joyful Exercise: There are eighteen different and unique exercises that are very simple to follow and do anywhere.

This course also includes thirty seven original videos for gaining more insight.

In case the program does not result into any effects, then the user can claim a guaranteed refund of complete program fees.

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  1. Timeless You is a life changing guide that brings freshness, liveliness, energy and youth in life.
  2. The program has been divided into simplified courses that can be followed with great ease and convenience.
  3. The program enhances the positivity within a person.
  4. The language used by Deepak Chopra in the program is very simplistic. The user can understand it with ease.


There is no scope of disadvantage.


Timeless you talks about the real situations of people. Despite of stress and haste in life, the program teaches and helps people in maintaining their original self along with living life. There is indeed no loss in trying out the program once. big-red

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