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Product Introduction

What basically is a referral generator? Well, it is a tool that helps you acquire direct referrals for any of the sites of PTC. Making thousands of referrals is what everyone wants. But, all the manual efforts made are equally exhaustive, monotonous and also time consuming. On top of it, daily recycling and monthly renewing business get on the nerves. Apart from it, getting direct referrals is an extremely tough task. But, not anymore!

You must be searching for multiple reliable sources that will help you earn the direct referrals when you are either on vacations, or enjoying personal time or even indulging yourself in the relaxation by counting upon your sleep hours; yet wishing to make some big amount of money. You might even be getting tons of referrals daily but then that is not the only thing which matters. What matters best is making them active. You can get all of it, that too in a complete convenient and simple way. You can surely make loads of money and money in real sense means a lot of dollars.

What is the Solution?

Your friends might have mocked at you when you must have joined PTC websites, Neobux or any other relevant websites. But, when you will show them how much money you can make from these particular sites, they will surely think of changing their minds. The PTC Code will benefit you significantly to make more than 30 direct referrals per day. You can get more number of referrals depending on the ways you select to implement and efforts made with smarter ways.

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  • PTC Code demonstrates a simplified method mentioned step wise helping you earn unbelievable number of referrals almost every single day.
  • Even with the implementation of just one of the methods demonstrated in the course, it is possible to get 76 active direct referrals in just one day.
  • Apart from this, moneywise, profits of more than $30 from Neobux can be generated in a single day.
  • Video tutorials included in this guide are unique and will help you spot the secret places from where you can earn active direct referrals. You will also get to learn about the techniques used by the Neobux members who are heavily paid.
  • The best part is, all of the above can be done without the technical knowledge of HTML or website designing. A computer with internet connectivity is all that is required.

Uniqueness of the Course

The PTC Code will allow you to get each and every method tested so that you can optimize as per your requirements. Without letting your efforts go in vain, you can save upon the time by confidently approaching your friends and family to participate in the Neobux and PTC relevant websites. With the easy installation making you devote just one day, you can choose to make more money by improving the methods shown in the course with personal observations and ideas.

Follow Simple Steps

  1. Register your account with your international payment mode information.
  2. Start earning by inviting friends, watching movies, advertisements, participating in surveys etc.
  3. Get your direct referrals whenever your direct referral affiliated link is clicked.
  4. Upgrade the tool with premium membership.
  5. Join in other social networking sites like yahoo, facebook, etc. Once the group is approved start pasting your referral link address on the members’ wall.
  6. Read the forums and the tricks from the course for better understanding of latest tricks and the techniques.
  7. Do not quit referring your account to the majority of people out there to generate unlimited and commission.
  8. Say hi to your life while enjoying making money at ease!

Product Milestones

  • Connecting to more than 3700 direct referrals
  • Acquiring 76 direct referrals per day
  • Purchasing ultimate membership with earnings made through the referrals
  • Achieving $1000 profit limit every month
  • Part of the profits being used to create a small group rented referrals for generating more business


Tested and guaranteed, The PTC Code will surely help you get more and more direct active referrals everyday to maximize your avenues of making money. Also, with the easy explanation given in the guide, find no doubts or queries; thereby proceed without any hesitance.


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