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Gaining the Power of Influencing people around by the Code of Influence

Product Introduction

Have you ever thought of getting a surprise birthday party from your loved ones? Do you feel like getting a sure shot promotion in office? Do you want to hear a big yes after proposing your friend? If there are such related questions in your mind that want to be converted in a big yes then simply stick to the page and read on. The thoughts in our mind are the most powerful ones. Our mind plays a vital role in directing our life ahead. There are several thoughts that erupt in our minds for achieving something desirable in life. But due to some or the other reasons we fail to achieve them. Our life defines us from the achievements we have made in our lives. Hence, human beings aim and desire for several things like a happy married life, a great professional career, money, success, friends, etc…, There is a secret guide that would help a person in achieving everything he or she desires for.

“The code of influence” is an effective guide which you help the user and getting things done in his favour. The guide “The code of influence” has been written and developed by Paul Mascetta. Paul Mascetta is an hypnotherapist, influent master and author of several influential books. With a great understanding of human thinking, Paul has strived to cover up every aspect that is related to our thoughts. The guide well explains the essence and importance of several thoughts in our mind. These thoughts are related to certain achievements in life. With this guide, users can easily get things done as per their desire.

Product Details

Paul’s “The Code of Influence” masters the art of influencing people from one’s own thinking. It can enhance the power of thoughts of one’s person. It comprises of certain strategies that aid a person command over the thinking of even one’s own boss in office. Paul has developed this program after conducting years of research. He has understood the psychology of humans quite well. He understands the desire and urge of any person to get things done according to one’s wish or desire. The program does not cater to any rocket – science psychology. The program has been designed to meet the needs and desires of people coming from any age or background. The program has been designed in a structure of 12 different modules. The modules are Introduction, Influence 101, how people are wired, the persuasion foundation, the first tier of persuasion, the second tier of persuasion, the third tier of persuasion, the fourth tier of persuasion, the ten human needs, personality types, the decision making process and conclusion. The package of this program comprises of different CDs as well that can aid in gaining a visual representation of the program.

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  1. The program has been developed in different modules. It becomes easy for the user to follow the guide with great ease and convenience.
  2. The language used in this program can be easily understood.
  3. Paul has developed this program after understanding the real life scenario. While implementing the program, people can well connect themselves with the modules.
  4. In case the user finds the program to be ineffective, then he or she can easily find claim for a 100% refund.


There is no scope of disadvantage.


“The Code of Influence” is an ideal way of learning the art of influencing people around oneself. With the power of influencing people, one can easily get pleased and convincing with your personality. There is no harm or loss in buying this product.


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