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Product Introduction

James Morris has introduced The Bookie Assassin product which basically, an advice service on win betting for the horse racing in UK. Selections are notified on a daily basis through the emails. There are absolutely historic results that are available for downloading. The strike rate of per day is nearly 33% with daily 3 selections. In just initial five months of this year, this product has managed to make 202.67 points.

Product Details

This horse racing tipster service by James Morris claims of being the system tweak for a few years until previous time to its present form. The Bookie Assassin is currently hitting nearly 90 selections every month with an unbelievable strike rate with 4.32 BSP being the pretended average odds. The Book Assassin is a combination of both form based system and developer James Morris’ knowledge. After successfully betting for 14 years, there are applications based tricks and tips for betting. All the personal experiences and the latest tricks collectively combined forms The Bookie Assassin. It is a virtual informative product and so, repeated download is easily possible.

The strongest point of this product is its onetime payment. Only a one off payment of a considerable cost is to be made and the customer can enjoy free tips for horse racing for a complete duration of 1 year. On top of it, ClickBank is the mode of payment for the product- The Bookie Assassin. So, even if the customer is unhappy with the services, he/she can always choose to be benefitted with the 60 days return policy.

The Bookie Assassin achieved 76.49 points profits between the months of June and December of the year 2013. Post December, the system underwent few modifications as the creator, James Morris claims. The system tweak had happened between the month of January and the month of May. After the system revamp, The Bookie Assassin product has made 202.67 points recently. This figure is of course substantially even more impressive and as per the team and the owner, the system is yet to undergo even more advancements for better results.

This product offers complete return on investment and its worthy packages lets the user enjoy the services forcing them to make a comeback.

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  • The Bookie Assassin offers 60 day money back guarantee and so the customer can be completely confident on investing his/her money at the right place.
  • It is not a scam.
  • Purchase can be made through easy modes of payment like the Credit Card, PayPal.
  • The Bookie Assassin which is available online is completely free of cost.
  • Guaranteed results offered.


To get the maximum benefits from the products, an appropriate method needs to be followed which involves thorough R&D and so the user has to devote a little more time initially.


A standard service dealing with horse racing tipster is incredible and amazing. Though it is not a premium product, creator James Morris being well aware of the factual situation of the product, offers amazing price packages. But yet, it doesn’t restrict the product from being at its best. It has been made available to the masses at a low cost and its massively potential payouts as per the product claims is surely not a brain storming thought process. With the proper banking channels and latest technologies adopted it guarantees reduced risk and increased return on investment factor. Though the product is not that handsome as per the rest of the competitors in the market, it surely has its own advantages that will make it rise in the coming days for even better.

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