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Product Introduction

Attraction and infatuation can happen at any age in a person’s life. Being at any age, there is always a sense of hesitation before approaching any girl or boy. It takes a great amount of courage and confidence for a boy to especially approach a girl. The biggest fear of getting rejected or receiving any future avoidance is always at the back of the mind. Once the girl shares her contact number with the boy, she generally expects the boy to take the first move. This is just not confined to love. It is simply a starter talk or getting ahead as friends. Due to over confidence or lack of sense, several boys end up with rejection even in case of friendship as well. Boys often take a lot of time in catching up with the desired girl. Girls often reject friend requests or block numbers of boys if they are approached in a wrong manner. Boys often compete amongst themselves to win a girl’s heart. They search ways of approaching her in the best possible manner.

Hence in order to avoid any such situation, it is advisable to follow a dynamic and effective product named “Text That Girl”. “Text that Girl” has been developed by Race De Priest. Race has been quite popular on social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Plenty of Fish, etc…, for providing relationship guidelines and tips. He has developed two successful products Click Button Dating and now Text that Girl.

Product Details

Text That Girl is a perfect guide for every boy or man looking towards approaching his dream girl. Girls look for humor and intelligence in a man. Text that girl gives a perfect guidance and tips which aids a boy in approaching a girl with great ease and confidence. With right set of text messages, a boy can make a great positioning in the mind of a girl. Apart from friendship, a boy can even succeed in winning a date with the girl. Text That Girl shoots up the level of confidence and intelligence in a boy. The messages can successfully create a positive impression in the eyes of a girl. The messages would bring a smile on the face of a girl. The product “Text That Girl” is available in a PDF format. On enrolling with the program, a person can easily win a lifetime membership for Race’s programs. The e-guide can be easily downloaded from the website. Since people are largely hooked on tech gadgets, the guide can also be viewed on Smartphone, Tablets, etc…, on the move as well. The product is being utilized on a higher scale worldwide. The users have really found a great amount of difference post usage of this product. They found the product to be best in referring to before planning to approach a girl for mere friendship or dating. Apart from e-guide, the package of this product also comprise of audio and video CDs. These CDs enable the user to view live experiences of people who have actually used this product. Also it displays separate tactics and ways of approaching a girl correctly.

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  1. Text that girl is a perfect product for boys who are getting frustrated or trying really hard to get to the girl.
  2. The step by step guide along with CDs is a great help for people using this product.
  3. The language used in this product can be followed and understood with great ease.
  4. The product has been developed with great research and study of various situations and life of people.
  5. In case the product is ineffective, people can definitely claim for a refund from the company. The company can pay back a 100% guaranteed amount within 60 days from the date of purchase.


The product is a boon for boys especially seeking a first move in their lives. There is no scope of disadvantage in this product.


Text That Girl is simply a perfect guide for taking that first step for proposing a girl for friendship or dating. The product being a renowned one can be relied upon for getting best and guaranteed results.


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