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SmartPCFixer – Cures your PC with no Efforts

SmartPCFixer software is a great product to tidy up Windows registry, perform a de-fragmentation of your hard disk, run a Windows system error check, fix windows errors, tweak and tune the boot process, and specifically do all the necessary tasks to optimize the performance of your PC. After the scan, your PC becomes sleek and slim, and will run faster and much smoother improving the PC users’ productivity and efficiency.

The beauty of this product is its configure-and-forget capability and its versatility. It has been designed to run in the background precisely at a scheduled time, with the user-defined configuration. Once you configure what you want the product to do and when, it will run the tasks periodically and keep everything on your PC in order. The product also alerts system of viruses; Trojans and other problems like fix virtual memory too low and fix them effectively and completely.

How SmartPCFixer can help you?

If your Windows PC is constantly facing system freezes, is unresponsive, is sluggish, and you see many reoccurrences of the dreaded Windows “blue screen of death” indicating system crashes, SmartPCFixer is the perfect solution for you to ensure and maintain the health of your PC.

How SmartPCFixer works?

SmartPCFixer is all-in-one PC cure ‘n’ care software which cleans-up registry of invalid entries, fix system errors, optimize your system and enhances the boot process, system tools and the performance, provides utilities to backup and recover your valuable data and system settings.

Following are a few of the important / vital features of the product:

  • Scan and Clean

This feature provides the functionality to scan and clean the Windows registry errors in your system. You can either opt for Quick Scan, Custom Scan or Full Scan. You can also opt to schedule the scan a convenient time. A successful scan and clean-up ensures that your PC is safe and devoid of crashes / freezes.

  • System speed optimization

These features fix computer speed one of the most common problems faced by PC users. The feature ensures that the performance of the system is enhanced by tuning the system settings by performing menu bar, desktop clean up and unwanted start-up task / service removal.

  • Backup / Restore

This feature helps in creating and storing snapshots of your computer file system. If an important file is corrupted due to bad blocks on your hard disk or accidentally you end up deleting or losing a file, the restore feature can be used to retrieve the lost or damaged files back onto your system.

  • Fix the system

This feature complements the registry fix feature by fixing up broken shortcuts, winsock2 issues, and broken file associations, fix DLL problems, run dll exe problems etc…

  • System Tools

This feature provides useful system tools to block unwanted / malicious ActiveX controls, perform file splitting / shredding, disk defragmentation, recover internet explorer, Browser helper to remove adware / malware, windows update and un installation manager.


The SmartPCFixer comes with a node-locked license which can be obtained for one year. The registration costs $38.97 USD for 1 computer with one year subscription. A discount can be availed if the registration is done for 3 computers by paying $48.97 USD for a one year subscription. A license key composed of 32 characters with numbers 0-9 and capital letters A-F will be delivered to the buyer once the purchase is complete.

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SmartPCFixer is one of the products which provide comprehensive system optimization, maintenance and utility tools. There are only very few products out there in the market that can match the versatility of this product. The team behind the product is enthusiastic technologists and provides active support to their customers.


SmartPCFixer provides many good features, but, there are a few black spots in the product. SmartPCFixer takes a while to download SmartPCFixer. There are usability issues that make it difficult to find the appropriate menu / icon to correct a system error. There are times when the scan and diagnosis takes too long before it fixes the system error.

Final word

The quality customer support can be acquired with this one of the best register e-product which works just like a smooth foam without any hard breaks.


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