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Secret Gold Guide fulfills everybody’s dream of earning along with online gaming and amazing adventure trip. The Secret Gold Guide is a creation of well-known World of Warcraft gamer Hayden Hawke. The creator of the guide proclaims that gamers of the guide will make gold of 650 to 1000 per hour, these are very promising statements.

Program Details

The Secret Gold Guide is more popularly known as Hayden’s World of Warcraft Secret gold guide. The guide is known to earn its users 100s of gold every hour. It is like earning and playing simultaneously.

Hayden has personally created the guide along with testing all the strategies which are shown in the guide. Hayden has listed all the best regions that are useful to make gold. It is same as the other gold guides, but the difference is that Hayden has just listed all the spots where an user can gather more gold without any unnecessary explanations, and that is most appealing for any player.

The guide is provided with detailed and well figured maps and images. The most attractive feature is the Auction House in secret gold guide. Hayden has explained it very comprehensively and gives useful tips to use the Auction House to get gold.

While going through the guide, I have realized that Hayden has created a well-planned and structured guide. Everything comes at its right time. The guide is very easy to go through, and you will get answers of all queries at different times. The guide has followed only one rule and that is simplicity. Which has in turn made it user friendly. The table of contents and bookmarks are very extensively given in the guide.

There are many skills and techniques explained in the guide, which will help you to manipulate and use the methods to win gold. A very interesting method known as sniping is very well explained by Hayden. It involves a skill to get things at low price and selling at gold price.

Similarly like gold guides, it explains all the profession. The uniqueness of this gold guide is that each and every profession has an ability to earn gold and this guide has explained it very well like how it can be achieved.

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  • The guide is user friendly, simple, and up-to-date with the new version of World of Warcraft. This helps the users even to use the latest version and the older version of the patches.
  • Hayden has focused on an extensive list of ways to make more gold. She has listed all the important zones very smartly in the guide, which can be easily navigated. The best thing about the guide is that she does not make the users choose a certain path to make gold, but she gives options from which the user can choose and make more gold. It is rather more adventurous.
  • There’s no stuffing inside this guide so handlers do not waste time reading irrelevant materials.


  • You will come across few content in the guide which is more targeted towards novice players. Therefore, for expert players this could be a little boring, but they can skip the chapters and move ahead.
  • The guide comes in a documented form. Therefore, it could be a problem for some users who would like to have video instructions.

The Verdict

The Hayden’s Secret Gold guide for World of Warcraft is a good investment for the users who aim to earn gold. The guide is well planned and the skills are used and well-tested methods which will definitely prove useful to the users.

It is the most user friendly guide and provides all kinds of information to all types of users, whether novice or expert. It provides with skills and techniques which you can use and manipulate the game in your favor, rather than just following the paths to win. This makes the guide more interesting to use.

In my experience, the users should purchase the guide if they are looking for earning gold through gaming, rather than purchasing it from the gold seller, which is illegal.


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