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Learn How to Play the Piano without Spending Much

A lot of people want to learn how to play the piano after listening to pieces of melodious music or performances by choirs at churches. Of all the piano players and learners, 97% have testified that it is not as simple to play the piano as it seems. Playing a piano perfectly requires knowledge of its parts, the various scales, arpeggios and chords and reading staff notes. Add to that the kind of music that one wants to play.

Getting piano lessons may not be possible for all. A private lesson with a piano teacher can cost one more than $100 whereas group lessons would cost $60 almost. In this situation, having an online tutorial can be quite handy. Rocket piano is popular piano tutorial software, and it is not without ample reasons.

Product Details

Rocket Piano has been designed particularly for novices and beginners. The structure of the program has been laid out in a way that is easy for first time players to catch on. The lessons have been divided into 3 categories- beginners, intermediate and advanced.

The beginners’ lessons open with an introduction to piano playing- the basic parts of a piano and techniques of playing different scales, arpeggios and chords. It also introduces some of the famous piano pieces to generate interest among piano players.

The intermediate course is for those players who know the basics of piano playing. It teaches a learner about how to read staff notes and play them on the piano. Using staff notes, some common songs as well and unique ones are taught to be played.

Lastly, the advanced course introduces the learner in combining the piano with other musical instruments and transposing them. It also helps one learn how to make music and compose on the piano.

The expertise with which one plays the piano depends a lot on precision and speed. To gain them, hours of practice are needed in a day. Rocket piano has included a special tutorial for practicing on the piano. It requires only 10 minutes in a day to make one gain speed. The trick requires one to practice smartly instead of diligently.

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Rocket Piano is very useful for those individuals who have failed to find a competent piano teacher. The language used in the videos is simple to follow. Not only can adults follow the tutorial but also children.

The Rocket Piano suit also teaches one to play special kinds of music such as jazz and gospel. The foundations of jazz music, the techniques of playing famous jazz songs and playing with other musicians is offered to learners. Similarly, one can successfully learn how to play gospel music too. So, next time you are at the church, do not hesitate to play the organ.

The tutorial included to teach one how to practice the piano everyday has left all startled. Not only is it effective but also less time consuming.


The product has very few disadvantages. Most users have been in praise of it. Rocket piano has helped them to hone their piano skills and made better pianists out of them. However, some users have suggested that the tutorial could do better by including more songs.


Rocket piano is one of the most innovative software to have been introduced in the market to teach piano. It is simple to follow and set chronologically to aid beginners in learning how to play. The amount and time that needs to be invested is reasonable.

After developing the skills of playing a piano through this tutorial, one can improve upon the skill set by picking up different songs and composing on the device.


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