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Product Introduction

Is your system often complaining of system rebooting? Have you been finding your system irritating you due to its tortoise like speed? Have your system crashed just a few days back? Well if the answers to these questions are positive, then you should definitely read ahead to find the cause and an ideal and appropriate solution for this. Since, our lives have now become completely dependent on Laptops, Computers, Tablets, Smartphone, etc…, we often forget to clean or scan our system on timely basis. Since our systems are openly exposed to regular downloads, file share, insertion of USB devices, etc…, there often becomes a possibility of the system getting contracted with virus, malware, etc…, Many a times due to damaged files and folders, there often becomes the chance of the complete system getting affected with it. But it becomes very essential for the user to take appropriate care of one’s software.

RegServe is simply an ideal and effective product which takes complete care of the health of the computer system. RegServe is a software that is developed to eliminate the error caused in the registry of the computer. Registry refers to the database present in the computer system. The registry of our computer should be regularly checked, scanned and accessed for confirming its condition. Since managing registry manually is a complex job, RegServe takes proper attention and responsibility of registry.

Product Details

RegServe is an effective tool that is being widely used and implemented worldwide. Installation of RegServe benefits the user in enhancing the speed of computer; prosper the stability and health of system, identify and solve errors in registry, safeguard system from virus and malware attack, provide other bonus services and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Let us understand and explore different features of RegServe:

  1. Bonus software: On registering and enrolling for RegServe, the user is being provided with a complimentary copy of Xippit File Compression Utility. The .xip format safeguards passwords and minimize file – folder size.
  2. Scanning Registry: The registry being the most important one in the computer is being scanned by RegServe. It detects corrupt, invalid, damaged and waste files.
  3. Registry Defrag: This feature enhances the speed of computer by maintaining the size of registry.
  4. Timely scheduled Scans: The feature of scanning is auto scheduled. This feature helps RegServe to automatically initiate with the scanning procedure.
  5. Scan report: RegServe post completion of scanning process furnishes a detailed scanning report.
  6. In – Built Ignore List: The in-built list stated in the RegServe software assures the user of the third party applications. In case the user has deselected any item that is in the registry scan result, then such item will immediately reflect in the ignore list.
  7. Back Up and restoration of Registry: On scanning and repairing registry, RegServe ensures to maintain a log file wherein each and every details saved in registry are automatically sent in for back up.
  8. Windows Start Up Manager: It is a very effective feature in the system as it channelizes the speed of computer.
  9. Customize Settings: RegServe allows the user to customize the options as per his or her requirements.

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  1. RegServe is very effective and beneficial software for safeguarding the life and health of our computer systems.
  2. The software can be easily bought by any one irrespective of being a layman as well.
  3. On buying the software the user would get regular updates as well.
  4. In case the user finds the software to be ineffective, then he or she can claim for a 100% guaranteed refund from the company.


There is no scope of disadvantages.


In order to prevent the life of the computer, it is advisable to go in for this product atleast once. However, RegServe has received accolades and positive feedback from people around the globe.


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