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Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery Program – Your Key to Become an Expert Pencil Portrait Artist

Do you dream of becoming an expert realistic artist? Are you spending hours of practicing but still not able to acquire desired results for your pencil sketch work? If yes, then the Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery Program is all that you need!

This is an incredible mastery program introduced by Christopher Sia, who is an expert teacher, who has trained hundreds of students in drawing genuine pencil portraits. With this useful guidebook, you can conveniently outline amazing pencil sketches in short time. The guide is of 208 pages, which consists of 605 illustrations and 100 high-resolution pictures and offers step-by-step approach to help you out in becoming a professional pencil portrait artist.

Simple use of language, attractive and practical illustrations and details about every facial feature are the key elements that make this program unique and ‘must to have’ for all aspiring pencil artists. In addition to these, the EBook realistic pencil portrait mastery has more to offer!

Secrets of Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery Program

The skilled artist, Christopher Sia has revealed three secrets to success of becoming a proficient pencil portrait artist in his guide:

  • The first is gaining mastery on clearly analyzing the various features on face of an individual.
  • The second is learning accurate techniques for observing tiny details in facial expressions.
  • Finally, to see and comprehend what common people cannot see.

Why this Book is Useful to You

Besides these unrevealed secrets, the entire realistic pencil portrait mastery course is presented in form of 5 unique lessons. These are instructive lessons created in systematic manner and are supported with illustrations to provide learners with complete comprehensibility:

  1. How to sketch a realistic eye
  2. How to sketch a realistic nose
  3. How to sketch a realistic mouth and teeth
  4. How to sketch a realistic ear
  5. How to sketch realistic hair

All these lessons are generated after conducting intense research work, and clearly show the efforts and knowledge of Christropher Sia involved in generating such a wonderful product for the readers. Moreover, these lessons are accompanied with photographs that provide clear and better understanding of what the author exactly wants to portray.

The entire program of realistic pencil portrait mastery is presented in systematic manner. So, even if you learn at different levels then there is no possibility of missing out any step. You can therefore learn and go through the book as and when you have time. Other great features of this program are that it is accompanied with timely updates, which will be provided to you at zero cost. The eBook is instantly downloadable and so, you do not have to pay any additional amount or spend lot of hours for downloading the book, which might be the case with other similar products.

The next thing flooding into your mind must be the cost of this exclusive product. For this, you can again relax! This is a completely affordable product, which can help you to become a trained professional artist without making you rush here or there or without charging you a high amount of fee.

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The Pros

Various reasons to why you should go for this program are:

  • A well-written program that is easy to comprehend and execute.
  • You can get a lot of information over the price.
  • Genuine lessons based on extensive research to make you learn at comfort of your home.
  • Even if you do not become an expert, still your drawing will be greatly enhanced.
  • A 60 day money back offer.

The Cons

Besides, above benefits, you may find certain shortcomings in the program as:

  • More focus is on shading rather on outlining or sketching.
  • Do not conclude with putting the different facial features together.


So, with so many benefits and so much of information, the realistic pencil portrait mastery program is a ‘must to purchase item’. The entire informational content of the book is real and based on practical means. Even the cost is great; it is fully affordable and is true value to this product. There is also guaranteed money back scheme, which makes you pay back your entire sum of money if you do not like the product.

So, what are you waiting for, just go for the product and make a booking now!


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