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Can You Plan the Gender of Your Baby….Well Now You Definitely Can

Most couples look forward to having a big and lovely family filled with little boys and girls. Ideally most couple prefers to have both sons and daughters. But many a time it may happen that couples who want daughters get only sons and those couples who want sons have daughters. It is generally understood that one has no way in planning sex of baby.

This is no longer true as now one can actually choose to have a baby boy or to have a baby girl based on their wish. As a book is available now, this book guides couple on baby gender selection methods before conception.

Which book is this?

“Plan My Baby….Prince or Princess” is finally out in the market and this book is helping a huge number of couples in the world to plan their perfect family. This book has a success rate of 94%. The gender selection process that is explained in this book is such a method that does not involve drugs or medication. It also does not depend on Chinese calendars or does not work according to ones astrology.

So what does this book talk about?

The author Alicia Pennington informs couples on methods to select the gender of their baby. The best parts of these methods are that they are the safest and one of the most inexpensive and effective method that is medically available to help one chose a baby boy or a baby girl.

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There are IVF methods by which a couple can select the gender of their baby but the cost of such a procedure is such that people cannot think of undertaking this procedure to plan all the children in their family. But now with the help of Plan My Baby, it has become possible to plan all your pregnancy in such a way according to the gender of the child that you have planned for.

In Plan My Baby e book the author Alicia Pennington explains about the three steps that are involved in choosing the gender of the baby. In this procedure it is important to understand that the Ovulation cycle of a woman. The function of “X” and “Y” chromosomes has important role in the determination of the gender of the baby. This book also tells you on the ways to create the best environment for the choice of the baby’s gender. The sexual positions that are best to help you in conceiving a baby boy or a baby girl are also explained in this book. The conceiving cycle is also well explained in this book. She also mentions the best period for conceiving either a baby boy or a baby girl. Diet plays an important role in helping one decide on the gender of the baby and the author of this book has provided diet chart in this book that helps one in planning sex of baby.

With the help of this book choosing the gender of your baby becomes extremely easy and cost effective. The methods that are explained in this book is the ways that have been proven that they work. The author also talks about the wrong methods or ways that couple try while conceiving which needs to be avoided and by avoiding them one maximizes one’s chances of having your baby’s desired gender.

In this book there are three powerful ways by which couples can conceive the baby having the gender of their choice. She also explains about the importance of basal body temperature, about cervical mucus and such other information is provided so that you are fully aware of your body. In this book it is explained that deep penetration positions enhance ones chances to have a baby boy and the chances of conceiving a baby girl is by having sex in shallow penetration positions. These positions are explained with proper illustration so one does not have any problem in following the instructions.

What about the 6% failure?

Well nothing has 100% success rate. If one has medical issues, the methods mentioned may not work. The methods will definitely work with normal healthy couples.

So the verdict is?

The verdict is just to tell you that you should buy Plan My Baby e book, if you are planning on having any hand in deciding the gender of your baby.


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