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Lay Betting SystemIdentifying the Right Horses for Betting: Picking Donkeys

Product Introduction

The world of betting has been aggressively participating in investing their money in different money making avenues like cricket, horse racing, soccer, football, etc…, A specific percentage of people worldwide are aggressively making profits and sometimes losses by investing in different betting avenues. Horse racing is a very popular sport in countries like UK and Europe. The trend of betting on horses is very much seen amongst the upper class and socialite class people. Numerous people bet their money on the most efficient horse and challenge to win the race. However, many a times, the horses are ranked inappropriately as a result of which the much deserving horse gets ranked last. This leads to losing the race ultimately.

Hence, a lay betting system has been developed which claims the user to strike and win the race by 92.5%. This system is known as Picking Donkeys. John had developed Picking Donkeys in the year 2009 which has significantly become popular and grown worldwide. The system helps the user in tracking the horses that are efficient but are ranked low. This increases the chance of winning over others. Since, this system provides hidden data, the other players tend to lose upon this data and miss the race. The profitability result has gained an overwhelming response from the users. The data received from the system is 92.5% sure of winning.

Product Details

The process of operating Picking Donkey is very simple. Picking Donkey is basically a lay betting system. A lay betting system is a system in which the person instead of betting on the horse that would win bets on the horse which would not win. The reason behind doing this is that there is a sure shot successful formula in which the system picks out those horses that are priced very low than their deserving price. This gives an edge to the person over other people by increasing striking rate. Picking Donkey requires an initial investment of 9.95 Pounds. It allows the person to make an average 17 bets on a monthly basis. The package of Picking Donkeys comes with a bundle of instructions and material to follow. There is a document which explains the process of choice making. It details about how their system select the right horses for betting upon. Also there is a seven day subscription letter. It is basically important for people’s seven day selection. This informs the people and explains about the selection process by the team of Picking Donkey. Knowing about the profitability confirmation, Picking Donkey confirms its people of getting the return of 107 pounds every month. The figure has arrived on 10 pound deal on a monthly basis only.

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  1. The writer is an experienced person. Hence he or she has developed this method after an extensive research on this system. The language used in this system is very easy to understand. Even a layman can follow the instructions with great ease.
  2. This is a ready to grab and implement guide. Although plenty of e-books are available online, yet this guide gives out a sense of trust to the people.
  3. The system saves time and unnecessary costs from wasting. Instead of calling middlemen and receiving calls, it is better to refer to Picking Donkeys and make the final bet.
  4. The author sends personalized bet details in the beginning in order to ensure trust amongst people.


People might doubt upon the authenticity of this system. Since, the striking rate is not 100%, people might tend to lose upon getting convinced. There are few systems similar to this as well in the market. Due to the failure of those companies, people might not be able to gather trust amongst the people.

There is no trial session in the beginning. Hence, people might fear of losing their amount in this system.


The system works well only by investing in small amounts. People should go for Picking Donkeys and make bets on the system. The person should follow the rules thoroughly.


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