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Photography MasterclassPhotography Masterclass; by Evan Sharboneau

The detailed study on how to use a DSLR, does it really teach you the art of professional photography?


If you have a DSLR, or planning to buy one, make sure you know how it is better than any other cameras. How will a DSLR help your take the best pictures? How will your pictures have that professional edge to it? Evan Sharboneau shares his experiences from being a novice to being a pro in professional photography. Watch his video tutorial at this site. And see for yourself how very easy Evan makes photography look.

If you have a knack for photography, the first and foremost thing you need to know is which DSLR works the best for you. From the wide range of possibilities out in the market, it becomes very difficult to choose the perfect one that you can handle best. Don’t get overexcited at the idea of professional photography, it’s not an easy path to tread. But Evan promises to hold your hand while you learn the tricks, from the very basic to the very advance.

If you already have one and don’t know what to do with it, or the photos you take with your DSLR do not look and feel professional, and you have started questioning your ability in photography, worry not, because Evan starts off guiding you the right way. In this page, you can actually see from where the author had started and where he is now. You would be mesmerized to see the current quality of his pictures that look nothing less than photoshopped!

This comprehensive tutorial comprises of 29 videos, which have been divided into 4 modules:

  • In the 1st Module, Evan takes you through a tutorial of how to master your DSLR. This includes 9 videos, of how to make the best use of your Digital SLR. Whether you have one already or planning on buying one, as long as it is a DSLR, these tutorials are just right for you. You would know all that is there to know about the functions, settings and using these to take the perfect picture.
  • The 2nd Module comprises of 6 videos on photography equipment. Its guides you through each and every nook and cranny of the extensive knowledge base of buying the right accessories, filters, lens types and their configurations. If you are an intermediate, it would help you with those exact tips that can turn you into a pro.
  • The 3rd Module, a guide to Composition and Shot Planning, is a lesson of 9 videos, It points out the mistakes that everybody makes, how you can judge a bad photo from a good photo, the parameters which every photographer must always remember like the back of their hands. This module also tells you about the technical terms and terminologies which can turn you into a master. It explains in great details about the Rule of the Thirds, Light Settings etc.,
  • Module 4, the post production and software, teaches you about the tools that you need to take your click and turn it into a cover photo! It saves your money by letting you in on trial versions of the best tools in the market, and teaches you bit by bit about the most popular photo transformation software. This 5 video module will let you know the very basics of photo productions.

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Why should you invest in Evan’s guide?

It is cheap and it is effective. It takes you through a complete makeover of your own creations, and you also know the technicalities in great details than before.

It teaches not just about the device, but also how best to use it. It is a holistic guru, when it comes to professional photography.

It also teaches you how to use the photo transformation software, now that’s an added advantage of not going through the How-to and pros and cons of every tool available in the market and then decide on one and regret!

If you do watch all the modules, step by step, you would become a professional photographer in no time at all. Rectify the mistakes that you have already made, and be better through each finished module.

Cons of investing in Photography Masterclass

Online streaming can be a pain when it comes to watching this guide.

You might get impatient watching the 11 hours of video tutorials. But surely a slow and steady one would win the race here.

And Thus

It’s a great video tutorial, no thick books to catch the dust while you are lurking away with DSLR. A good investment, if you really want to make a good use of your skills. Don’t just be a jack of all trades, but master the art of photography, and turn your hobby into your professional. Take Evan’s help, understand the science behind every good photograph, correct your mistakes and have fun capturing the moments and storing them as beautifully as reality.


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