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Want to be More Than Just Friends?

Product Introduction

Have you started feeling something more than your friendship with your male friend? Are you looking to take a step ahead from that just friends tag? If you too feel the same for these questions then read on and learn the way out. There are times wherein one really wants to go ahead than just a friendly relationship. The level of friendship deepens with time. Friendship is a beautiful phase of a life which makes you learn about the person in greater detail. With passing of time, this relationship becomes deep. Being friends with an opposite sex differs from being friends with the person from same sex. Friendship with the person of opposite sex can turn into love at any point of time. As a result it becomes difficult for friends to admit it to each other. But developing a love path between one another is not so difficult also.

“Want to be more than just friends?” is a relationship guide which helps people in implementing ways of smoothly moving forward from friendship to expressing the feeling of love with one’s friend. This is an honest dating guide which helps a man and a woman to come closer to one another. It helps in preserving friendship along with brewing the bond of love between one another. It eliminates the fear of getting rejected from one’s own friend. The guide has been developed and written by Rebecca Mercy. Rebecca Mercy is a relationship expert and guru. After an in-depth study on relationships and related topics, she has come up with several relationship guides.

Product Details

“Want to be more than just friends?” helps people in coming out of that “just friends” zone. When there is something more than friendship; it really becomes essential to convey it to your friend. But with the fear of getting rejected or embarrassed, people often refrain from admitting this feeling. But with this relationship expert guide, people can actually reveal this feeling without any extra efforts. With a comprehensive online access, users can immediately get the hold on those enchanting secrets that can help a person from moving up in a relationship ladder. Rebecca’s guide can do magic in developing that love relationship. By following her step by step guide, one can actually convert that possible rejection into an accepted one as well. The guide will help in bringing your loved one near you. With great combination and compilation of romantic triggers, people can convert that bond of friendship into love. “Want to be more than friends?” is suitable for anyone. Irrespective of being old, young, beautiful, and ugly this guide can actually do wonders for you. With this guide, you can easily control the desires, emotions and feelings of your friend for you. There are several techniques, strategies and concepts that aid in bringing your friend close to you. This guide is available in the form of an online PDF which can be easily accessed on desktop, laptop, smartphones, tablets, etc…

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  1. “Want to be more than just Friends?” is an appropriate guide for smoothly making a transition from friendship to love.
  2. This is a step by step online guide. One can easily access the guide and start implementing its techniques and strategies at any point of time.
  3. The language used by Rebecca is very easy to understand and cope with.
  4. The guide can be easily purchased online. By paying a nominal amount of fee, one can welcome the beautiful phase of love in their life.
  5. In case, the user does not find the guide to be an effective one, then he or she can claim for a refund from the company.


There is no scope of disadvantage.


“Want to be more than just friends?” is a guide made for all. One can at least try to use this product in order to eliminate all the undesirable chances of life.


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