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IMSC Rapid Mailer – Cost Effective Method of Sending Mails

The importance of sending mails

In the era of the World Wide Web or internet, mails are essential when talking in context of business communication and online marketing. The cost involved in sending mails using traditional methods is quite high. There are huge mailing lists and the cost of sending mails tends to increase with each mail. To minimize the cost, talented minds have come up with a platform that will maximize email marketing and decrease the cost drastically. Rapid Mailer by IMSC is a self-managed auto responder platform.

Why business firms prefer using Rapid Mailer?

There are many business firms which have realized that Rapid Mailer is a flexible and powerful tool. This will decrease the monthly high costs involved in sending emails. The owner gets complete control of the mailers that are sent and unlimited lists can be created. Paid mailing lists can be created easily and Rapid Mailer also allows tracking the status of the mailers sent. Learning to use this is very easy as it comes along with an informative training manual.

Some amazing features of the program

It is a simple WordPress plugin and can be installed like any other plugins available in the market. The only requirement to use Rapid Mailer is to have a self-hosted WordPress website. Rapid Mailer comes with some attractive features which makes it advantageous.

  • IMSC Rapid Mailer can be integrated with WordPress which makes it very flexible. The existing contacts can be easily imported which makes it easy to get started with it. Also, there are also features of creating paid lists associated with the Rapid Mailer which can be availed if required.
  • Rapid Mailer is mobile friendly with an easy to use email editor and it is possible to create mailing groups and broadcast over the blogs.
  • Rapid Mailer consists of some really amazing themes and templates for the emails. Also, it has the feature of viewing the statistics corresponding to the mails sent and also allows tracking of the required data.

This utility product comes with 60 days money back guarantee. In case some of the business firms are not aware how to go about creating the mailing lists, the team of Rapid Mailer provides all the required guidance. Rapid Mailer is not only a great platform for sending mails but it also has the feature to maintain the back-up of the mails. The emails sent via Rapid Mailer allow the integration of the social media elements in the mailer text. All the contacts of the WordPress list can be instantly imported to Rapid Mailer. Not all firms can spend a lot of money in marketing. Thus, this platform is a great way to decrease the online marketing costs via emails.

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Is it easy to get used to Rapid Mailer?

At first, people who start using it might find it very complicated and difficult. But once, the individuals get used to how it works, they will realize the utility of the tool. Coming out of the comfort zone and learning something new is always challenging, but it is important to compete in the tough market of the contemporary world. Therefore, adapting to work with Rapid Mailer will be a little mind boggling at first but soon individuals will realize its amazing benefits.

Reason for popularity of Rapid Mailer

Rapid Mailer is popular because it is useful. It has some really amazing features and all of them are stated above. In addition to these, the mails sent using Rapid Mailer is Can Spam compliant which means the spam complaints will reduce drastically. The emails are sent in batches which tends to avoid the bottlenecks in the network. Also, it is possible to schedule when the emails are to be sent. The owner gets full control over the list. The mails sent via Rapid Mailer are completely secure. The DKIM wizard assures the receiver that the mailer is sent by the real owner and the mail is not fake. The payment for Rapid Mailer is to be made once and then one can own it for a lifetime. So, to be a leader in the field of email marketing, Rapid Mailer is a tool of great utility.


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