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Strengthen and Boost up your vertical jump by Folker System Vert Shock

Product Introduction

Sports or games like basketball, high jump, Long Jump, pole vault, etc…, require high level of strength in legs to jump high. In game like Basketball although the players are very tall yet they fail to convert their jumps for basket. People often have a misconception that tall players can perform really well by scoring basket due to their height. But this is simply a myth. There are numerous basketball players who fail to do basket despite being the tallest in the team. A basketball player requires immense strength in his leg muscles in order to jump high and convert the basket. Though a taller height is a plus point for the basketball players, yet it is essential to undergo rigorous training and follow techniques for playing a good game. Slam Dunk is a popular technique in basketball. This technique enables the player to dunk and then smash the ball into the basket.

Hence, in order to be a good player, it would be advisable to follow Adam Folker’s effective e-book titled “Folker System Vert Shock”. This e-book trains the player to expertise in slam dunking in order to score high points. Slam Dunk and Height are not related to each other. Any player despite being of any height can easily learn slam dunk and pass the ball from the basket. Vert Shock is a technique in which the player gets trained to jump high with strong muscles and nervous system.

Product Details

The technique is named as “Vert Shock” because Vert is referred to vertical and Shock refers to the jerk that is given through laser in order to activate the body for jumping higher. Vert Shock trains fibres of Type II B Muscles for making it explosive. The technique of vert shock is scientifically tried and tested; that has shown great results to the users. The guide is explained in step by step manner for making it easy for the readers to follow it with great ease. The program of Vert Shock enhances the strength of fast twitch muscle fibres that are present in Type II B Muscles. This enables the basketball player to dunk with great ease and jump higher. This method is free from side effects unlike other methods. The method includes breakthrough exercise and Laser. Laser works on the fibers and increases it in order to increase the jump. The technique does not involve any exercise or weight lifting techniques. The technique is pursued in following three phases:

  1. Pre – shock Phase: Pre – shock phase includes the beginning seven days of Vert Shock. Within first 7 days, the person jump increases by three to five inches.
  2. Shock Phase: The shock phase lasts for Six weeks. The nervous system of the person builds up and gets attuned to any shock that can appear anywhere, anytime.
  3. Post – shock Phase: This is the last phase of Folker System Vert Shock Program. It lies for only one week.

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  1. The program is easy to learn and understand. It has a user friendly approach which even helps a layman to understand things well.
  2. Support: The user can receive 24 x 7 support from the team of Vert Shock. Hence, one can ask for help at anytime anywhere.
  3. The program ensures safety of people while imparting the training of vert shock. Instead of investing money on external programs, it is advisable for people to purchase this e-book and start referring to it.
  4. Vert Shock is very different from other service or products that follow in same service line. It is authentic and tested. This tool has benefited large number of people.
  5. 100% Guarantee: Folker system aims to refund back 100% of amount in case the user does not find the service quality at par.


With a bundle of benefits for the vert shock lovers, Adam has come a long way in order to establish the Folker System Vert Shock. Hence, there is no scope of disadvantage for users.


The step by step technique for vert shock is simply great for basket ball players. It has been said that the result of game depends upon the baskets scored as well as the power to win.


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