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This is one such era where in each and every person is totally dependent on electricity for his very basic day to day aspects of life. But the rising power bills have pushed common man into difficulty. In this situation what can be a better idea than having one’s own power source, this can be achieved by building own residential Solar panels. Having an own power source at home through solar energy is the best means to utilize natural resources to its fullest and to conserve power bills.

Solar radiations are most powerful and intense rays of sun. These radiations are captured with the help of a DIY solar panel which converts solar energy into electric energy through its internal circuitry. Later this generated power can be used for house hold activities. All of us know about uses of solar energy and the ways which it can be converted, but the question is how to build these solar panels, one efficient means to get it done is by buying Earth 4 Energy.

What exactly is this Earth 4 energy?

Earth 4 Energy is a package of systematic manual which will help you build your own solar panels. It has got a set of instructions which are easy to follow and understand so as to successfully build a fully functional solar panel. Videos are also provided with step by step instructions for user’s clear understanding. Earth 4 Energy is updated regularly for smooth functioning of the devices for longer life time. Also the creators provide an email id where in users can drop their queries across which will be answered by the creators at regular intervals.

At first, manual clearly states the components that are needed to start up with the task of building own solar panels. Once you have the components in hand then goes the steps as how and where to place these panels for better absorption of sunlight. Also few equipment has made use to convert direct current into alternative current which is required to run house hold appliances. Few other components for back up maintenance and for wiring have to be purchased.

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The next section of the manual explains how to build your own solar panel with the help of few less expensive dry cells and a metallic plate. Also it includes the clear details of wiring stuffs. This package also comes with some extra features of mounting steps, installation guide and electrical wiring ideas to help you construct your own solar panels. Electric wiring is one of the vital processes for proper functioning of the entire systems. Building up a panel is a straight forward procedure but when it comes to wiring many people fall into the dilemma. This extra guide gives a clear cut picture of how exactly wiring has to be carried out.

Attracting features of Earth 4 energy

One more important part in this solar project is to find out the number of solar panels that have to be built to serve the purpose. One easy method to find out the count is just to click a button. Which means by clicking buttons the guide clearly explains you the number of solar panels which are needed based on power requirements of a house and also based on the electrical appliances which are used in a house. So with the less costing individual components and Earth 4 Energy guide one can efficiently build their own power source.

Time consuming process

It may take some more time to understand the complete working process of this system.

A lifetime Investment..!!

We can say Earth 4 Energy is a life time investment guide for the people who are really interested to build their own renewable power supply. All it needs is individual interest and sometime spent on the project. Also this can be an efficient way to reduce the power bills to maximum extent that are these solar panels serves as 80% source of power for a house. Thus building your own solar panels not only saves money but also serves as an environmental friendly package.


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