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Improve your Sports Partnership: By Double Killers

Product Introduction

Sport is one of the key requisites for a fit lifestyle. It is very essential to pursue sports which enhance the energy and boost the fitness of a person. Sports like Tennis, Squash, Badminton, etc…, are quite appreciated and followed games worldwide. However, pursuing these sports on a professional level is quite challenging. It requires immense hardwork and experience to represent your country at national as well as international level. Tennis, squash and badminton are popular for both single playing as well as for doubles tournament. A doubles game is more powerful and strategic in comparison to a singles one. Since the partners need to protect each other as well as play in tuning, doubles becomes all the more challenging. Sportsmen often consider playing with the same partner easier than playing with other partners in different tournaments. Since same partners are more used to each other, they perform much better and are confident in the tournament. However, in order to learn doubles playing, the world renowned Tennis Players Mike and Bob Bryan (better known as Bryan Brothers) have developed a product named No. 1 Doubles Killers. The Bryan brothers have performed exceptionally well in doubles as well as in mixed doubles tournaments. Apart from winning hundreds of tournaments in doubles category, they have easily won ten Grand Slam Mixed Double Tournaments. They believe that winning doubles is way simpler than mixed doubles. Hence, they discuss about their product which can make you win mixed doubles tournaments quiet easily.

Product Details

The Bryan Brothers understand the gap between playing in mixed doubles or doubles with other partners. They consider that communication is one of the key things that often make you either win or lose the game. The Bryan brothers well relate with the problems that one needs to face in playing with other partners. The product “Doubles Killers” highlight and educate the players about the key seven mistakes which each and every sportsman tend to make with other partner. Their product is named after the problem itself i.e. Doubles Killers. Having a plush experience in this field, the Bryan brothers can well understand the problem in each and every player that he or she is facing in doubles. The guide gives a fix to such problems in order to learn and perform way better. The guide enables the user to enhance the gaming and playing style of a person. The product is available in the form of a quiz. The name of this quiz is “Online Doubles Killer Quiz.” There are a set of questions which later answers the problems of every player. The Double Killers works in a way that the viewer can access to an option named get doubles killers. A window will pop up after clicking the option. This window will comprise of a 15 seconds question answer round. After answering the questions, the player will get his or her no. 1 doubles killers along with the solution for it. Currently, the program is available for free. In order to gather data and response, the Bryan brothers have ensured to make it a free product. Later it is going to be a paid and premium part of their training.

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  1. The Bryan Brothers product is a quick and easy guide to know about ones problem areas in playing a doubles match with other players.
  2. Currently, this program is available for free. So, people can take the most of this product till it becomes a paid service.
  3. The product is simply a 15 seconds quiz. Hence, it would not take much time to answer the questions.
  4. The problem and its solution are received immediately. Hence, the player can take immediate learnings and start implementing them while playing.
  5. The product is time saving and free of cost.


Since, the product is virtually available, it might not succeed as much as it would have in physical training sessions. A player’s match can only be viewed and analyzed while playing. Then only a person can get to know about his or her Doubles Killers. This might be considered as a drawback in this product. Also few questions cannot judge the playing skills of the person.


The product can be tried once but as of now cannot be judged as completely better or worse product. However, one should wait for their mega training product which could indeed effectively identify Doubles Killers.


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