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Calling Men

Product Introduction

The internet is brimming with professionals and regular people giving dating advices. Every person has his or her own theories and definitely a video can make difference in providing dating tips as it can relate the user in an active way. All said and done, Mimi Tanner offers old school advice, which always works for people. A wonderful human being, Mimi Tanner, has been helping women for many years through online medium. She is one of those first women who offer dating advice online to women. She was doing this in an era where people were even frightened to purchase anything online. That was something many years back. Mimi Tanner has experienced many changes in her life and surpassed all the odds. She was totally committed to empower women against the male dominated society. She offers no-nonsense, practical and down to earth dating advice, something that every woman requires. ‘Calling Men’ by Mimi Tanner is the complete guide that advices women to call, email or text message the men they are dating.

Product Details

Mimi Tanner is one of those women to whom girls might think of calling when they are distressed over their dates. At times, men just stop calling the women and in such circumstances, women are left wondering why that happened. Mimi Tanner seems to be the perfect person to seek advice in such matters. She is mature and a forthcoming lady, with whom women prefer to consult and take advice regarding dating matters. She tells young women exactly what to say and do while in a relationship. In every age, women need to know and understand what the exact rules are and how they work on men while dating. ‘Calling Men’ is one of those books. It offers advice on how long a woman should wait after the first date to get a call from the man. It answers other questions like should the woman call the man if there is no call; what are the etiquettes of leaving a message to the loved one; if one sounds desperate or calls the man several times without getting any response what could be the consequences; is texting an appropriate thing; should the woman text back the person immediately after receiving a text from him or should wait and many others.

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With different websites, audios, videos on dating tips, it becomes hard for a woman to figure out what things are appropriate in dating and what are over the top. Men and even women get turn off when they become impatient and desperate or even communicate much during early stages of the relationship. But what should a woman do in such cases? Is she not allowed to send emails! All these answers can be sought in Mimi Tanner’s interesting and straightforward book. It offers rules for communication so that women are assured of not screwing up their dates.


Mimi Tanner has experience of ages and she offers the same advice to other young women. Many people are of the opinion that her advice might not work for modern women who are in another age and era. However, a difference can be brought about in their lives by offering them the right dating advice.


‘Calling Men’: The complete guide to Calling, Emailing, and Text Messaging the Men You Date” by Mimi Tanner is an interesting guide with lists of do’s and don’ts while communicating with men. It is a must try guide for one time experience.


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