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App Dev EmpireAndroid Apps Open a World of Opportunity for Developers

Every developer dreams of creating a smashing app that will become an instant hit with the users, bringing him millions of bucks and getting him listed among the Silicon Valley bigwigs. Old school fellows will tell you this journey isn’t a cakewalk. One must spend sleepless nights writing codes before you crack that one idea which can be made into a great app. And if you haven’t hit the app market yet, then the chances for your survival among the present biggies and next to nil.

Step into 2014, things are a lot more different and much easier now. The sooner you begin, the sooner you catch the bus. And no, you don’t have to be a geeky programmer to create such apps. All you need is a determination that you want to do big in life, and some coaching from the programming pros.

Exploring the App market

To begin with, let’s explore the present day app market carefully. Apple’s much popular the App Store seems one of the most obvious choice for developers. Facts, however, have a different story to tell. Forbes’ researchers have listed that in the last three months, of the total mobile devices sold 64.1% are powered by Google’s Android and only 18.8% are operated by Apple’s iOS. Does the App Store still sound lucrative? Do you want to limit your creativity and hard work to just about 18% smart phone users?

Android Apps Rule the Roost

There’s a bay of opportunity in the Android market. Creating and publishing your apps is much simpler and marketing them is just a matter of click. There is no moderation bar in the Android market, so as soon as you publish the app it is there for the users’ delight.

There and many programmers who will formally or informally guide you with the app suite on the android. Additionally, there are many help kits available that will help you understand the world of android. One such course is “App Dev Empire for the Android” which introduces you to the world of Android Apps and also helps you build your own apps without hassles.

How “App Dev Empire for the Android” Works For You

First lesson begins quickly with downloading and installing the Android development environment. The following chapters will feature video tutorials taking you through various stages of App development where you get to crack the codes with the Android pros.

In the next step you will get to create your first project, yes you will be working on the user interface for your game. Step by step this kit will guide you in creating your own “Scroll shooter” genre game! This simple, yet thorough process will familiarize you with all types of development needed in creating games!

Then step one notch up to discover the process of creating the core of your game – how to connect actions in the game and how to add a scrolling background.

Further lessons will teach you about creating the main player, developing his role play and behavior and how to jazz the player with actions and effects.

Next tutorials will be focused on interactions among the objects and how to teach players to avoid the hurdles. Later you will learn about offering bonus points to players, setting terms and conditions for the game.

The final video tutorial will teach you how to export your finished game and place it into the Android marketplace, called Google Play. This is when the game downloads will begin and your Silicon Valley dream will come into being.

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The Other Side of Android Apps

Android, as we mentioned earlier as well, is a free platform from Google. Building Apps, publishing them, licensing and marketing them are only a matter of clicks. And that is where the catch is. Hundreds of developers and programmers are working round the clock to build their dream Apps on Android. So don’t just think about building an App, go straight ahead and start building your dream App right now before someone else grabs your idea.

It’s Now or Never for Your Android App

Creating an App with the “App Dev Empire for the Android” is as simple as reading this article. Get your creative ideas together and explore the Android App market, it’s worth an effort. After all, the Silicon Valley is waiting for your App!


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