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Product Introduction

We humans crave for good and tasty meals in restaurants and home. It is important to keep on changing one’s eating style from time to time. By continuously consuming food at home, we tend to look for some other options outside. The restaurant meal is something for which we have a great craving. Eating out in restaurants often is not possible as the major factor which comes in mind is the cost of each dish. We often go to restaurants to savor our favorite dish but have you ever thought of getting the same taste at home? Have you ever felt like cooking those same breadsticks which you had in Olive Garden? What about making KFC’s fried chicken recipes at home? Might be wondering how this could be possible? If you are still thinking that these recipes are just a secret, then one should forget this myth, because now these secret recipes are available in a book titled America’s Restaurant Recipes by Ron Douglas. Ron Douglas is a renowned chef and a cook book writer. Ron Douglas developed these restaurant recipes in order to make people learn about their favorite restaurant food item. Our favorite recipes are available at a very high cost in restaurants. Also, it is not always possible to consume them regularly. Hence, Ron Douglas has compiled the exact recipes of restaurant dishes in this book.

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The trend of restaurant dining in America is quite high. People often dine three to four times in a week in restaurants. This leads to shelling dollars and dollars on restaurant food. But due to tough economic conditions, it is indeed not possible to regularly dine in restaurants. Ron has developed these recipes with immense hard work and trial and error. By dedicatedly trying for five years, he came out with various restaurant recipes and discussed with various food experts. He made these recipes and tried to come out with the same taste of recipes for a quite a long time. He also used trial and error method for developing the same taste. He conducted a test kitchen wherein he took help of 45000 tasters and disclosed these guarded recipes in numerous restaurants around the world. Some of the famous dishes like Fried Chicken by KFC, South West Chicken chili by Southwest, Breadsticks by Olive Garden and Oreo Cheese cake By Factory’s are just mouth watering. One can easily learn the recipes of these dishes and easily make them at home. Ron Douglas has revealed the secrets of these finger licking dishes and helped people in making them easily at home.

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America’s Restaurant recipes book has indeed become a boon for people worldwide. Where people were always searching for these recipes, now they can simply find them in Ron Douglas’s book on Restaurant recipes. The book states various benefits for following it:

  1. Readily available: The main benefit of this book is that the favorite restaurant recipes are now available readily. These recipes are tried and tested; hence it leads to a positive feeling while cooking.
  2. Saves time and money: The next big benefit of this book is saving money. The restaurant charges exorbitantly for its dishes. But by preparing same dishes at home, we can save a lot of money. Also, rather than investing time in cooking classes, it is better to refer and prepare recipes from this book directly.


With readily available restaurant recipes there are no major disadvantages. But, those people who are trying to make recipes from this book must follow the instructions carefully.


Ron Douglas’s America’s Restaurant Recipe book can be easily purchased online. Also, this book is available in retail market as well. These recipes are ideal for home cooking. Now be it 12 am or 2 am in midnight, you can savor your favorite bread sticks or fried chicken easily at home.


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