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Many people invest hours of their precious time working out in gym but do not gain much out of it. The conventional workout for abs does not offer much difference to the body. This makes new and novel workouts promising with effective results that tempt people. Creating desirable abs is the topmost priority of most of the fitness conscious people. The recently introduced 0-6 pack abs by Dr. Vegher is the favorite of people. The program is designed for people who desire to have six pack abs. Dr. Vegher has successfully used it on his patients, including young, old, male, female, fit and unfit persons. All the patients claim that the program works for all the body types and is truly a remarkable one. People who already have nice abs, but plan to build their fitness club should try this program that offers breakthrough results in every aspects. This program has been created by a doctor who helped people regain their strength. To assure the reader, it does not involve any kind of harm; instead helps fix the old injuries while preventing the new ones.

Product Details

All those people who have never worked out in the past, but desire to flaunt toned abs can get benefitted through this program. Designed for all types and kinds of human bodies, it helps to build a foundation while averting injuries and delivering results. 0-6 Abs essentially comprises of video and MP3 workouts that help people master exercises to tone their abs while losing the fat. It contains a quick start guide, which helps users understand the theory and requirements to get started. The video library is complete with exercises for people to watch, learn, and master. The whole package comes with four different levels, complete with manuals, videos, and MP3s to help users learn better. The product comprises a bonus package with 56 additional workouts. Users can push themselves to ultimate heights with those exercises. The exercises are easy and manageable by anyone desiring to achieve good results. Tyler Bramlett, a personal trainer runs a fitness website. He created three different programs that received success. These exercises were created to help his wife get back into shape post –pregnancy. He took help from Dr. James Vegher, a physical therapist with more than 20 years of experience. The program is a result of Tyler’s experience in creating programs and Dr. Vegher’s experience in creating strong abs.

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The program is designed for anyone who desires flat abs. It helps to reduce chances of injury. Even people who injured themselves by means of exercise in the past can follow the instructions. It can be followed with the help of manuals, video formats and MP3s. Tested on clients, 0-6 abs offers proven results. With no gym equipment required in the first part, the program does not require much time every day. In the second part, Swiss Ball and a light weight are required. It is quite affordable as it does not involve separate trainer fees. It can be instantly downloaded. One can start it any day. Tyler even offers money back guarantee with the program, which is his USP of the whole package. One can get refund in the first 60 days of the program.


Anyone undergoing the program needs to follow it sincerely and persistently to get good results. One cannot expect results just by signing up. The actual program needs working out. Commitment to the program is the highest requirement to get started. One who really is interested in changing the body should sign up.


Users of any body type, age and gender will benefit from 0-6 Abs Essentially Program. It is quite affordable and comes with a money back guarantee.


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